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7. Donate your floral arrangements. You've carefully chosen these works of art and elegance. Let them be appreciated the week after the wedding by a local women's shelter by arranging for someone in your bridal party to deliver them.
8. Order prints of your wedding photos to use in your Thank You's. I'll deliver your gallery in an appropriate amount of time to do so. You can do so straight from your gallery link. It gives a great personal touch.
9. Have a 2-week cut off from "wedding stuff" so that you can thoroughly enjoy the moments leading up to the big day.
10. I wouldn't be a wedding photographer without adding this not keep your memories sitting in files on your computer. Print your favorite images as wall art for your home to remind you of the happiness you share.  You can order right from your gallery link.  I also love the character of images on wood by the Texas based, family owned Why I chose to be a wedding photographer...I want you be reminded of the blessing of your marriage by the image you shuffle past with a smile as you make your way to bed with the love of your life decades from now.

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