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1. Now you're engaged, but don't stop "dating." Even after the wedding, prioritize spending special evenings together. Plan stay-cations, try new restaurants/activities/recipes together.
2. Allow the process of planning to be an experience. Think of arrangements as accomplishments and opportunities for communication, not just one more thing you HAVE to do. Include moms, bridesmaids, your favorite aunt. Let the preparation be a fun activity and excuse to spend time together.
3. If on a budget, save the honeymoon for your 1 year anniversary. Stay in a sweet little local B&B for the night, catch up on rest and let the trip have it's own glory while you soak in the memories from your wedding day.
4. Choose or change into comfortable shoes for the reception. Your feet will thank me for this one.
5. Have a role for each of your wedding party members. ie.Allison places your veil, Brooke helps with your shoes, Lauren puts on your bracelet, Mom buttons your dress, his mom pins boutonnieres.  Everyone feels special and is included in photos beyond the formals.
6. Read Tim Keller's book, "Meaning of Marriage". It is my prayer that my couples have a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

wedding planning tips

As a wedding photographer, I get to see people on their most beautiful, very best days. Still, I know that the planning can be stressful and the marriage will not be perfect. So as a little added bonus, I've collected some of the best advice I know to shine some light on your path.